Herb teacher 7Song

I have been studying plants, people and herbal medicine for over 20 years now. My interest first started as a youngster with a fascination for things natural, beginning with astronomy, moving into herpetology and later into plants and medicine. And all of this in the suburbs of Long Island, NY

In my twenties, I began studying herbal medicine’s many aspects more thoroughly, including botany (an abiding love here), plants as medicine (materia medica), physiology, medicine making, wildcrafting, clinical work, and the like.

To further elucidate my herbal education, I attended the California School of Herbal Studies with Rosemary Gladstar in 1983 and later the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine with Michael Moore in 1994 and 1995. Along the way I went to as many herbal conferences as possible (sliding my way in through work exchange in the early years). There I would listen to the many opinions and teaching styles of the herbalists speaking. A vibrant education in many respects.

One of the reasons I have been involved in herbal medicine for all these years are the teachers, students, peers and friends I meet in this community. Many open-minded, critical thinkers who are a pleasure and learning experience to be around.

The plants themselves are one of my favorite aspects of herbal medicine. Spending time traveling and meeting as many plants as possible is one of the great parts of being an herbalist. Seeing and gathering the plants we use as medicine makes herbalism unique, and offers a direct and ancient relationship we have with our medicine. They are beautiful down to their anthers and stigmas.

I currently teach at many schools and conferences throughout the United States, which gives me the opportunity to see the varied ways that herbal knowledge is passed on. I am honored to be a part of passing this information along.

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