Student Amber Worman

I am originally from Evansville, IN, and I am currently planting roots in the Louisville, KY, area. My passion for healing herbal products started in my early childhood years where I would mix different flowers into lotions and soaps innately. As I grew older, I continued to be curious about how to make lotions and other natural/herbal products. Later in life I had several health issues and was led down the herbal lifestyle, which helped to resolve issues that Western medicine could not.

I started my education with a degree in cosmetology in 2002. I moved on to Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2013 to earn a Bachelors of Arts in general studio art (focus in ceramics and glass) with a minor in psychology. I attained my Masters of Education in counseling and personal services with a concentration in art therapy degree from the University of Louisville in 2015. I had the pleasure of starting my herbal education at East West back in May of 2015 as I was finishing my M.Ed.

I take a holistic theoretical approach while using different therapy techniques and healing for the whole person — mind, body, and spirit. I look at my style of therapy more as life guidance and healing work as I am helping people understand and heal themselves, and tap into their true potential and life purpose. I am an energy and spiritual worker using Usui Reiki techniques and Earth Angel Realm readings.  I also utilize EMDR, MBTI assessment, and several other tools when useful to the person. I run a business,, where I make herbal and aromatherapy products for local businesses and clients. I work with teens and adults treating disorders from, but not limited to, trauma, depression, anger issues, behavioral issues, autism, relationship issues, and substance abuse. Services for adults and teens are provided in the community (hiking, walking, YMCA, etc.) or in office.

I enjoy anything outdoors and with animals! I especially love hiking and gardening, dancing and singing, biking, ceramics, blowing glass, drawing, painting, reading, learning, yoga, making herbal products, spiritual practice, mediation, laughing, astrology, and other healing modalities.

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