I am an Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner living in Weston, MA. I have a master’s degree in Electronics from India and Bachelor’s in Science and Math. My journey to alternative healing began when my daughter was born with multiple food allergies and eczema. After meeting countless doctors for solutions, I was not able to find much help. Because of that, I started looking for online learning options as I could not have done it in-person while taking care of my awesome, amazing, star child. Growing up, I was always fascinated by Ayurveda. I learnt a lot of home remedies and traditional customs from my mother. Eventually, I found Kerala Ayurveda Academy, California to fulfill my desire to learn Ayurveda. I have a passion to learn, gain knowledge, and wisdom from these ancient systems of healing. I was always curious to know the mystery of the body and mind relationship and spent so many years listening to spiritual and motivational speakers, reading books, and implementing wisdom in my life through yoga, pranayama and meditation.

My time was also spent learning Marma therapy, pulse diagnosis and Vaastu Shastra under the pioneer Dr Vasant Lad by taking summer intensive courses. Dr Lad’s knowledge of western herbs made me interested in learning Western and Chinese philosophies. I found the East West School of Planetary Herbology of Michael and Lesley Tierra and began the program in September 2021. I am especially enjoying the structure and depth of the material and loving this completely. I would like to dive deep in this ocean of wisdom and knowledge of herb pharmacology as well as learn spiritual and astrological aspects of it.

Regarding my profession, I run multiple seminars and workshops where I try to help as many as I can to understand the therapeutic benefits of traditional systems to keep this tradition alive for future generations. I also run workshops through community centers and am an active volunteer at Council of Aging, in multiple towns.

In my leisure time, I spend time creating beautiful Madhubani artwork (traditional folk art from state of Bihar, India). I was inclined towards art since childhood and have tried sewing, crochet, oil paintings, Sketching, etc. I have exhibited my Madhubani art pieces at galleries, hospitals, community events, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This art has brought a sense of peace and calm in my life. I enjoy reading books on the mind and consciousness and I am interested in going deeper into these subjects. I also enjoy yoga, pranayama and meditation, and have seen their benefits in my life firsthand. Today, we have forgotten a lot of the ancient truths of healing, mindfulness, and nourishing the soul through art. Instead we have replaced it with instant gratification.

Thankfully more and more of us are rediscovering the ancient science of living more holistically via a re-emergence of ancient practices like yoga, Ayurveda and mindfulness. I believe that by empowering the body-mind-soul connection, one can achieve balanced health and wellness.

Offerings include: Ayurvedic Consultation, Ayurvedic Cooking classes, Marma Therapy and other Ayurvedic therapeutic bodywork, pranayama and art classes.

Please visit my website www.aryavedic.com and Instagram page: Aryavedic

Email: info@aryavedic.com




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