Student Asante

Cuban by birth, Guyanese by descent, living in Trinidad and Tobago, I am a simple, down to earth person who loves life. My hobbies include travelling, cooking, reading, listening to music and dancing. I love all types of music and to dance. Married and a mother of five (three stepsons and two daughters), my life is anything but boring! I have always wanted to be a doctor, to be able to alleviate suffering when possible. I have a BSc in Biology (University of Western Ontario) and Medical Degree ISCMH, Havana, Cuba.

I was always very attached to my grandparents; my grandmother always believed in Chinese medicine and we also grew up in the country and were exposed to a lot of our ancestral remedies (bush medicine). While studying in Cuba I realized that being a doctor meant more than dispensing drugs; it meant connecting to patients on a spiritual level and colloquial level, to determine what was indeed right for their healing. I felt as though I needed to find out more about the complementary branch of medicine, the herbal aspect, so with a lot of coaxing from my husband I did a laborious internet search for an herbal medicine school, I put questions out there, and most answers pointed me into the direction of East West. Then I called Jill at the school, and as they say, the rest was history: I signed up in 2007. I am currently in the advanced track of the East West course, and if I can finish all the coursework I will be at the herbal seminar next year, which is really a lovely intense retreat/treat.

I am a medical doctor by profession but decided that my patients would benefit a lot more from the combination of the two branches of medicine East and West. I just recently opened my practice and have been combining the two with a lot of success. The journey is enjoyable. My goal is to help patients with chronic ailments return to a happy, healthy lifestyle combining the Eastern and Western branches of medicine, at the same time empowering them to take charge of their health and to achieve that balance of body, mind and soul HEALTH.

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