Student Ashley Moore

Our Student of the Month for February 2009 is:

Ashley Moore

After completing two years at the University of Iowa studying philosophy, Ashley Moore became interested in herbs through her work at New Pioneer Co-op where she helps manage the wellness department. She started the East West Herb Course in September of 2005, and hopes to graduate this May.

“I’ve been working as an herbalist with friends and family for two years now, and can’t wait to expand my practice by becoming the second AHG-certified herbalist in Iowa and opening a private practice,” Ashley says. “I would also like to continue my studies, with a focus on nutrition, so I can offer a broader range of services to my clients.”

Ashley lives in Oxford, Iowa, with her husband Ian and their rescued pit bulls. In her spare time she loves cooking and eating good food, hiking, and gardening. The Moores are looking at selling their current home and buying a farm where they can work toward becoming more self sufficient, growing and raising more of their own food and herbs.


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