Without a doubt, herbalism became my life’s path.  I am driven to understand the power of plants and their healing energy. My name is Bethany Chappell, herbalist and owner of Herbal Health Omaha. I am blessed to be an apprentice under East West graduate and teacher Nicholas Schnell, who is owner and founder of the Four Winds Natural Healing Center in Omaha, NE.  

To be where I am today, I first had to become the patient who needed healing.  I was residing in Seoul, South Korea with my husband and three children when I unexpectedly became ill.  Since I was unable to receive a proper diagnosis or hope of regaining wellness by Western medical doctors, my journey led me to a reputable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor.  By pressing deeply on my abdomen, feeling my skin, reading my body language and taking my pulse, my TCM doctor assembled a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.  I was then sent home with two boxes of decocted herbal tea drinks.  Within a few short weeks, I noticed a glowing vibrance to my skin and a vitality that surged life throughout my body.  This healing awakened my desire to learn and understand the power of herbs.

Shortly after my health improved, my family and I moved to Omaha, NE.  I started working at the Four Winds Natural Healing Center as an office associate and herbal technician where many difficult clinical cases were presented on a daily basis.  In addition to my studies, this training allowed me to develop and grow as a student of herbalism.  My journey into solving the mysteries of my body enabled me to help my family and community down this path as well.​

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