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I am a California gal, born in Long Beach but I’ve spent most my life in the northern part of the state. I currently reside in the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz where my passion for plants and the healing arts has taken root and the local, like-minded community has embraced me with such loving support! I was quite a “city-girl” throughout my youth, but have always enjoyed adventuring in the outdoors, tending to gardens, reading books about the earth and its creatures, human anatomy, first-aid, and other biology-related sciences.

Due to my mother attending chiropractic school and immersing herself into the world of wellness, I was raised around an incredible group of teachers, healers and people who embodied health and vitality in so many unique and inspiring ways. I now look back and am even more grateful for such an expansive exposure to a world of wisdom that was rooted in all kinds of effective, natural therapies and restorative practices that recognize the body as an intelligent, self-healing mechanism.

I began the East West program back in 2013 when I realized the work of the herbalist was something that deeply touched my heart and called forth a profound sense of belonging and appreciation for the natural world. Since I began my studies I’ve traveled to many places, observing and experiencing various cultural traditions. I’ve explored the fulfilling world of foraging, medicine making, body therapies, homesteading and really dove into working with herbs and food as a means of body/mind therapy.

After taking a bit of a hiatus after the birth of my first little lovechild, I found myself completely drawn to the occupational niche I felt suited me best as an herbalist and health-food enthusiast. I now am juggling being a mama and forging through the rest of my East West school studies with an even greater excitement, purpose and intention to weave these crucial skills into my grand vision: working at a local birth center alongside midwives, bodyworkers, and acupuncturists as an herbal-food doula and a personal holistic consultant. I have recognized that much of the prenatal and postpartum journey (for both mothers and the whole family) is a time where ultimate nourishment and support is so essential…and I believe that herbs and food are miracle-workers in this realm! I wish to share my gifts of cooking and passion for the magic of medicinal plants to provide a soothing, practical service to my community.

I am endlessly thankful for the East West program, the teachers, elders, peers and general community for participating in igniting the passion within my heart that has helped lead me to a path brings me such joy and fulfillment, each and every day.

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