I was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I grew up in a culture where native plants were used everyday in food, medicine and limpias. My mother used to believe that negative spirits can cause disease; so when I would fall “mysteriously” ill, she would take me to the medicine woman to perform cleansing ceremonies with the use of tobacco, plants, and chanting. As long as I can remember, I was always attracted to the mystics, astrology and wonders of nature. However, as a teenager I wanted to become a business woman like my early role model, my beloved father. He offered me the opportunity to come to the United States to study business at the age of 16. Little did I know I was going to stay in a new country, finish my studies, obtain an MBA, work in corporate for many years, and meet my soul mate.

At a point living a busy life, my health suffered. I experienced debilitating chronic allergies, and no conventional doctor I visited was interested in finding the cure. After spending countless resources, I decided to look for the cure myself. I researched everywhere in books and online; I prayed and went inward. I was able to cure myself using my intuition, divine intervention and perseverance! Along this personal healing path, the herbs found me. They called upon me. They talked to me and I was able to hear them for the first time. It felt like love at first sight. I meditated; I did soul searching and the answer was clear. I was going to work with my new plant allies and become a healer. While I researched for the best school, the East West course stood out to me as the most comprehensive program in traditional herbal medicine. I like that the program sticks to the core, teaching ancient philosophies and healing modalities based on empirical evidence. I embarked on this life-changing journey on September 2016. In East West, I found my tribe, my second family. I am truly grateful to Michael, Lesley and all the wonderful teachers for their passion, commitment and genuine interest in seeing their students grow and succeed.

I aspire to become a skillful Registered Clinical Herbalist, serving in the community and around the world. I dream to build a botanical sanctuary to call home and to serve as a place for retreat, spiritual encounters, and to teach herbalism to new generations. I believe the sky is the limit!

Currently, I reside in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I work under a local O.M.D. compounding medicine for his patients. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, tending a small garden at home, and volunteering at a local farm and community projects.

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