Student Chloe Bee

Currently, Chloe is the generator of a heart-centered hub for the alliance of ethno-botany, expressive movement, alternative art, and Earth medicine via transformational workshops and women’s Red Tent facilitation presently thriving on community-expressed needs for the cultivation of plant wisdom, somatic liberation, storytelling, and earth-first thinking. Rainbow Bliss Botanicals and Happy Healthy High Horny Herbs are two of Chloe’s current projects that strive to integrate consciousness, ceremony, botanical medicine, and sacred dance through honoring the divine intelligence between people and plants.

Fueled by cosmic ancestors, a BS in Sustainable Ecosystems and Soil Science, and undergraduate studies in Dance Performance and Choreography at Arizona State University and University of Waikato, New Zealand, I believe in a collective vision of expressive healing and Ecology as religion. For the sake of all creatures, I hold a vision to utilize Earth medicine with compassion to inspire health and leadership. Chloe values studying cognition-enhancing botanicals, plant therapeutics for pain management, and natural medicine for trauma/addiction recovery.

Chloe is in her 3rd year of studies at EastWest and aims to be a Clinical Planetary Herbalist with training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Meridian Therapy, and Eclectic Herbalism. In May 2016, Chloe is planning on traveling to China with East West & the Tierras to generate a deeper understanding of TCM and to advance her studies.

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Chloe Bee

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