Born a sixth generation Montanan, I grew up enjoying the outdoors, hiking, riding horses, camping, fishing and hunting. I love the circle of life and there is no place you can see and experience it more than in the backcountry wilderness. When I worked for an outfitter, my days consisted of hard labor, being in the extremes of the environment from hot days to frigid blizzards and a lot of isolated time. While taking care of the livestock, walking them up and down the mountains looking for feed and leading them to water, I became interested in identifying the plants around me.

I married a wonderful man and had two beautiful children. Although I couldn’t work full time in the mountains being a mom I started a small business called “Dom’s Mini Gardens.”  I sold salad mixes to caterers, starter plants, vegetables and herbs at the farmers market. During this time, I met a naturopathic doctor with an herbal background. She helped me with my son’s inflammatory issues. She introduced me to the world of herbalism and encouraged me to study Rosemary Gladstar’s correspondence course. So I did! Green Path Herb School in Missoula opened its doors for an intensive 6-month course shortly after, and I received my certificates for both classes. I started working for Meadowsweet Herbs, allowing me to expand my knowledge greatly by assisting customers. There, I met a previous student of the East West School of Planetary Herbology and was intrigued by her knowledge of plants and her approach to helping people. I knew this was my next path. In 2017 I enrolled in the East West Course which has put me on this amazing journey.

While currently studying for this course, I am working with horses as an assistant trainer. As I continue to enjoy my path and expand my knowledge, I am starting a small business. 

The way my dad referred to me as a young lady was “there’s my ‘Hippie Ki Yay.’” Of course, I rolled my eyes. Ironically, ‘Hippie Ki Yay’ was given to me in fun but now is the business name I use to sell user-friendly salve to the public. Life is a journey, take time to enjoy nature’s bounty.

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