I am an herbalist and doula in Moab, Utah, USA. I have a store-front apothecary and product line called Sundial Medicinals, which I retail and wholesale throughout the Four Corners region.  I grow over 50 herbal varieties in my garden, most of them for use in the apothecary. My work days are usually spent making medicine, tending the garden, seeing clients, and occasionally running out to help a laboring mom. Women’s health is a large focus of my studies and practice as an herbalist.

My herbal education has been eclectic and largely self-directed. My grandmother is an herbalist and astrologer, so my sister and I grew up using her tinctures and absorbing her wisdom. My parents have also been fierce advocates of good nutrition and natural medicines.

I came to herbalism from being a plant person; farming vegetables and studying ecology were early interests. I began my formal herbal education as an apprentice in 2008. In 2011, I attended Herb Pharm’s internship program that included hands-on cultivation of herbs as well as lessons with a variety of herbalists in southern Oregon. In 2012, I first attended an annual conference on Western herbalism in my region and have made the sojourn every year since. I began the East West program in 2014 and I’m headed to my second seminar in April 2017.  In addition, being largely self-taught, I continue to build a wide-ranging and extensive library in order to further my education.

My passion lies in the universal pattern language, which I believe can serve to inform and inspire clients and further coalesce the herbalist community. To this end, my studies and practice often employ many different lenses, as my teachers have come from an array of backgrounds:  TCM, Ayurveda, Vitalism, Greek Humours, and Western energetics, to name a few! This year I am looking forward to spending more time consulting clients, specifically focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostics, continuing to build Sundial Medicinals and my doula practice, and experimenting with new formulas and extraction processes.

Website:  SundialMedicinals.com

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