I come from Greece where the culture of herbs is a continuum of the ancient Greek tradition. Using folk remedies to treat common health conditions is a memory that I have had, which extends beyond the family environment.

My foundation studies are Agriculture Science (BSc) and Environmental Politics & Management (MSc). Thus, for over a decade I have been engaging in the broad sector of food quality. Organic products inspection and certification, agroecology, and community-supported agriculture networks are the fields where I have profound job experience.

My initial contact with herbs was almost 15 years ago. At first, it was the intention to use pure products for personal care needs, something that I have been practicing since then. What gives me passion is the folk traditional peasant knowledge of the uses of herbs. The crossroad point was when I realized the similarities of how the ecosystem function is related with our bodily function. Since then, herbs have been tools for me to empirically observe the interconnections and balance between inner and outer nature under a holistic approach. Communicating these interconnections into workshops, and using participatory approaches to do so, such as heritage interpretation, is something that I love.

In order to obtain methodic tools, I enrolled in a two-year course in Alternative medicine & Herbalism, where I learned the foundations of TCM and Ayurveda. By completing this, and after having personally studied ancient Greek medicine, I craved a deeper understanding of ancient systems of medicine. 

For the past three years, I am grateful to be a part of the community of East-West School of Planetary Herbology and to proceed to my advanced studies in combining Western and Eastern approaches of herbal therapy with Michael and Lesley Tierra and the whole EW team, leading to the Professional Herbalism diploma.

I see great potential in restoring balance to people’s lives suffering from bodily or psychological imbalances, through assisting the understanding of an individual’s organic tendencies, and the shifts s/he wants to make.

Self-determination and empowerment are critical in my view of the world. Thus I envision a transformation of our life where we will be in harmony with nature and embrace mutuality. A community place where people do meet to get nourishment and to be healed through herbs, nutrition, bodywork, nature awareness and spirituality is my vision. Here is where I express my thoughts about natural rhythms and herbal-poieia: https://www.facebook.com/althaea.botanicals

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