Student Hesty Morley
Hi!  My name is Hesty Morley. I have always been fascinated by the human body, how it works, disease and health. My journey began in university where I studied Biochemistry and Biomedical Science.  I was part of a co-op program which allowed me to work at various jobs related to my field in between semesters of studying.  My work ranged from quality control at a pharmaceutical company, to research and development at Health and Welfare Canada.  While the work was very interesting, I quickly realized that being cooped up in a lab working with radioactive and noxious chemicals did not suit me very well.  I ended up rather sick and so began my obsession with finding and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Once I graduated, I decided to begin a new path and became a yoga teacher.  My husband and I moved to Kripalu Yoga Center in Lenox, MA where a four-month residency turned into a four-year stay.  Besides teaching and practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation, I learned a lot about service, community-living, friendship and even vegetarian cooking. It was an incredibly rich and healing time for both of us. 
We left to resettle in the nearby area and became parents of two amazing girls.  When my girls were young I became a La Leche League Leader and supported new mothers in breastfeeding and parenting.  When my youngest was able to go to preschool I began to work part-time at our local food co-op first in the grocery department and then in the wellness department where I currently still am. My job now is the assistant Wellness Department Manager which means I do a little of everything from ordering/receiving, planning sales, setting up displays, to helping customers find what they need. Working with people and educating them about herbs are my favorite parts of my job. As far back as I can remember I have been interested in herbal healing and have studied what I can through seminars at work, or programs with local herbalists.   Herbs have always been my first choice in helping my family through minor ailments from cuts and scrapes to colds and flu. But it soon became apparent that this was just the beginning. I wanted to know more about how to help people really heal from the tougher, more chronic issues. It was time to delve deeper.  I found East West on line and it clearly stood out as the most comprehensive and integrative self-study herbal program. 

In the summer of 2013 I signed up and began Lesson 1.  I finally made it to the first seminar last year. It was so inspiring to be immersed in the vibrant Shen-filled community of like minded East-Westers learning about herbs from master teachers.  If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend it.  My immediate goal is to submit my first case study so that I might meet my second goal of graduating next Spring with the incredibly talented people of my class. After that, I hope to open up a practice as an herbalist.
When I am not at work, nerding out with herbs, being Mom, or dancing around the living room, I can be found sleeping or hiking our nearby Appalachian Trail and “mountains” (AKA “hills” to all of you westerners).

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