J Ciccolella

I have always been interested in food as medicine and started to explore herbs as a way of healing when my oldest dog was diagnosed with invertebral disc disease as well as a heart murmur at age 5. Today at over 13 years old she is not on any medication and the cardiologist is amazed at how healthy her heart is. I attribute this to the healing power of herbs.

Last year I decided to take action and further my knowledge. I researched every school listed on the American Herbalist Guild website and chose East West because I felt they would provide the most comprehensive and complete education giving me the foundation and training needed to reach my goal of becoming a clinical herbalist and eventually a registered herbalist with the AHG. My studies began in November 2016 and I attended my first seminar in April 2017. It was life-changing and reaffirmed to me that I am on the right path. I came away with a feeling of pure joy and gratitude. I found my tribe! My dream is to own an herbal shop and help heal the world.

I live with my husband and three dogs in Minnesota. I enjoy reading, hiking and being outside where I feel I am working my way to God. I used to say I want to live in Tibet, sit on a mountain and talk with God all day. One day I realized I AM Tibet and communing with plants and animals in nature is a gateway to that higher vibration. In addition to herbs, my interests include holistic health, veganism, essential oils, yoga, reiki, meditation, animal and human welfare, and peace. I am all about energy, intuition, and vibration. I want to raise it up, ignite chakras, help heal the world from the inside, shine bright and grow my soul. I am grateful.

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