Student J Wisborg

One of the main reasons I got into holistic health, and learning about herbal medicine, nutrition, iridology, self-empowerment, etc., is because I was upset that there has always been such a cloak of mystery around illness. There is an idea that disease just ‘happens’ to a person, and the ‘only’ plausible solution is to take medications, have surgery, or die.

When I was able to experience for myself the difference between being healthy (experiencing crippling pain around periods and mood swings that debilitated my relationships with people around me, headaches, fatigue along with other ‘everyday’ healthy people issues) and HEALTH (no pain at periods, balance in my relationships, enhanced self-esteem, an ability to wake up before 10 am),…. The message was loud and clear: herbs, a healthy diet, are BIG key players in health.

I have been rooted in the holistic community since May 2009, and have been passionately exploring and advocating a different way to live. I studied Holistic Nutrition under the tutelage of many inspiring teachers at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I have a practice in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where I help people become informed consumers, whole food fanatics, and energized citizens. Nutrition, herbal medicine and iridology are the tools and resources I use to get people back to health.

One of my most inspiring teachers was Darko Prce, M.Sc. CNP, RNCP, ROHP, who had the conviction and compassion to create in me the strength to pursue a career in holistic health.  He knew that miracles are within the hands of a practitioner equipped with heart, the knowledge of plants and nutrients, and the patience to continue the path of understanding and sharing!

I enrolled at the East West School of Planetary Herbology in October 2013.

My professional goal is to be able to support my Hamilton community in helping for health to not be such a mystery.  My way of achieving this goal is to continue to host workshops that educate people, build up my Youtube channel to reach the people who need these messages most, and continue to involve myself in my city. Visit me at

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