Hi, my name is Jodi Martin.  I have been a student with East West since 11/2013.   I am from upstate New York but have been living on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii since 2011. I am a mother of three amazing daughters and most recently find myself with an empty nest.  While living in New York, I worked as an MRI tech for 15 years but since moving to Kauai I have been working as an X-ray technologist.

I am a second Degree Reiki practitioner in the Usui system of natural healing. I also practice Quantum Mechanics, which is an energy clearing technique using strength testing. I believe in magic and can’t seem to read enough about eclectic and ancient teachings. I have always been drawn to natural healing and its power.

When I was a child I used to eat the petals from Johnny jump ups that grew in my neighbor’s yard.   I believed they gave me super powers.  To this day, I believe that plants can give us their power. Plants are our allies in life, they want to help us heal ourselves.

I am in my happy place when I am creating. I like to make soap, mix bath salts with essential oils, lotions, and herbal tea combinations.  Above all else, I love to make tinctures using the knowledge I’ve acquired with the East West Herb Course.  

My dream is to own a lake house in the country with enough land to grow herbs, flowers and have a couple bee hives.  I hope to create a business and earn a living working with the plants that I admire so much.

I have greatly enjoyed the Herbalist Course offered by East West.  The best part of the course for me was attending the yearly herbalist seminar held in California. It is an amazing experience to spend time with other humans that love and believe in the power of plant medicine as I do.  If you haven’t attended, I highly recommend it!

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