J Farahnik

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and it was traveling abroad that really enlightened my life path and purpose.  

Six years ago I fulfilled a dream of traveling through India and this is where my journey as a healer began. I guess you could say that my whole life was leading me in this direction. I began studying metaphysics as a young child under the mentorship of my aunt who was a healer and intuitive. I was sick all the time growing up and constantly drawn to herbs and alternative therapies.  My cousin is a homeopath and she lived with us for a few years when I was a child as well.  Suffice it to say, I was surrounded with the appropriate influences and my interests leaned in this direction.  But I would have never imagined this would be the course of my career and way of life.

I attended the University of Michigan, where I studied Economics and Music Theatre.  I juggled aspirations of big business, performing arts and film production. Following those paths, I spent a few years working in consulting, finance and the entertainment business.  With each step forward I found myself more frustrated and disappointed with the corporate environment and the state of the world. So, I let it all go and went off to Africa and Asia with a backpack for seven months.  And alas, I ended up in the Himalayas of India at the doorstep of my first teacher of the healing arts.  

Everything changed and I began my practice as an energy therapist.  My true awakening to herbalism happened later that year when I developed adrenal fatigue. At the time, however, no Western doctor could diagnose or treat my condition. But when I took my very first Chinese patent formula from an herbalist, I finally saw results. Curiosity became a thirst for knowledge and so I formalized my studies in December 2011, when I enrolled in the East West program. Through this journey of study, camaraderie and herbal healing, I have fallen in love with herbalism.

When I’m not working with clients, I spend time writing and making music. I am in a band, The Sri Sris, and we travel around the country giving healing-yoga workshops and performing devotional music.  We recently completed our first album “Meet The Sri Sris,” which you can find on iTunes.  I also love sci-fi/fantasy books and movies, hiking, camping, traveling, hot springs and adventure sports.

I plan to continue building my clinical practice as an energy therapist, herbalist and meditation coach.  I can’t express enough gratitude for the East West program and all of the amazing teachers who have touched my soul both over online chats and in person at the annual seminar. I am forever changed. Thank you!


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