Growing up in England, I have always loved trees, plants and nature walks. I studied Optimum Nutrition in London and that gave me a good background in getting the most out your food. My first interest in Herbalism was when, I was given a Nicholas Culpeper – The Complete Herbal book, I fell in love with the history and Shakespearean-like dialog that was weaved into herb descriptions and uses.

My first interest in alternative therapies was when my reflexologist, had sensed some tension around my uterus, later finding I had cervical cancer. My nutrition teacher prescribed high-dose Vitamin C and after a hair mineral analysis he increased mineral intake. Happily, 3 months later, I tested clear.  A newfound appreciation for my body being able to be nourished and healed naturally.

30 years later, I have 3 children, 2 grandchildren and working at a Chinese Herbal Pharmacy in San Diego, where I am surrounded by 300 Raw/Granule herbs, all being formulated to balance, nourish, tonify and heal patients. Our pharmacy utilizes an online program ( that helps acupuncturists & herbalists formulate and order customized herbal prescriptions for their patients. I’ve learnt so much in 4 years and needed to find a school where I could further my herbal education, so I found Michael and Lesley Tierra and have loved the self-pace, the illuminating chats and the endless support from the students and teachers.

My true love of herbs is finding ways to make them more accessible by adding to drinks, foods and making them pretty yummy. I love cooking, baking and making concoctions and always have a group of people to try my ideas out on!

I’m a member of a Local Herbal Community, which has a network of healers, cooks, teachers and aspiring herbies, where we all bring ideas, recipes and teachings together – I want to put my energy into helping and teaching others and making some herbal treats along the way. My goal is to have a Mobile Tonic/Herbal Treat Bus – filled with tinctures, ground herbs, and teas where I can say ‘Show me your tongue and I will make you something yummy.’

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