Student Kevin on Seminar Trip

I’m a home dad in Japan, but I grew up in northeast Ohio before the Internet age. I was the little kid who tried to revive baby birds that fell from their nests. It never worked, but I tried anyway. I spent my free time reading nature books, fishing, daydreaming about living in the wilderness, and making primitive tools and weapons. I made potions from plants I couldn’t identify, transplanted mint around my yard, and won a gardening trophy in elementary school. My career goal at five was to be a lumberjack — because lumberjacks hang around in the woods with axes. A few years later I began to study martial arts, and I still do.

I excelled at school when I applied myself, but I was disinterested in academics or responsibility. My plan after graduation was to attend the Olympics. I started college instead, paying my way as a restaurant cook. Somehow I got accepted to law school, but didn’t actually want to be a lawyer. I ran away to Japan rather than finish my degree and became a barman in Tokyo. Eventually I got a job on a U.S. military base, met my dear wife, and joined the Army. On active duty I finished a Liberal Arts degree.

I excelled in the military, but gradually realized the path I was following didn’t lead in the direction I wanted to go — so I resigned my commission. I prefer a vocation to a job, and I want to help people without causing harm. While struggling to meet those conditions, I felt called to become an herbalist. I don’t know how else to describe it. I began self study and a correspondence course, and then heard about the East West course on Herb Mentor Radio. I started the professional course in December 2010, and attended the seminar in May. This is an excellent course, with excellent faculty, and wonderful people all around. I’m grateful to have fallen in with such good company. My goals here are to learn diligently, practice skillfully, and be of healing service to others. Thank you very much!

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