Student McEvoy

I’ve been in the nutritional consulting field for the past 8 years. Prior to that I was a full time yoga instructor. I am the founder of, where I’ve authored around 300 research-oriented articles, and spent a lot of time researching, writing, and consulting. I have also created two practitioner certification courses, one on functional blood chemistry analysis and the other on biochemistry-specific nutrition. My study of functional blood chemistry analysis and nutrition has enabled me to create a web-based blood chemistry analyzer tool for clinicians, with numerous recommendations for herbal medicine and nutrient therapies.

In my practice I search for nutritional therapies that will help my clients get well and stay well. It is important for me to be able to see my client’s situation from as many different perspectives as possible: functional lab testing, cellular physiology and biochemistry, emotional, psycho-spiritual, physical/anatomical, familial, and genetic.

The decision to seriously study herbology and the basic tenets of Chinese Medicine is a very large undertaking, and to me is like learning new languages and new ways of thinking. I began the East West Herb Course in 2013, and enjoy the engaging material presented.

My highly investigative and inquisitive nature is drawn to the practice of TCM and herbal medicine. As a busy clinician, the proper application of an herbal formulary has become a major asset to my practice, and will continue to in the future.


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