Teacher M Klassen
In 1999, I graduated from California State University, Fresno,  with a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Magna Cum Laude; and in 1994, from Fresno City College, CA, with a Degree of Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, Highest Honors. I maintain my active California RN License, hold a Public Health Nurse Certification, and also have presented group projects of published nursing research through my membership in Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.
I’ve worn several hats, working in private and public agencies such as California Children’s Services, County Tuberculosis Clinics, and High Risk Infant Specialty Clinics in various roles, helping homeless adults with communicable diseases, drug- and alcohol-exposed infants, preemies, teen mothers, and children with special needs and developmental challenges.
After taking a couple years’ break to reconnect with my family, I realized I had forgotten who I was, my roots! So I rediscovered a passion I’ve had since childhood, and decided to redirect my career as a nurse-herbalist in holistic nursing.
My Great Uncle Jim was an Eclectic ahead of his time. I grew up playing on his small farm in Upland, CA, and browsing through his collection of herb books covering his shelves. I watched him use vibration and UV light devices he made himself on people’s feet, and provide people with produce and herbs they needed from his own farm. Now I am realizing that every plant and tree he had was a significant, powerful herb. Uncle Jim did not turn grey until his stroke at age 90, and then he turned grey overnight. When I was a teenager, and he could no longer help himself, I would care for him. I cut his nails, washed his feet, and when I brushed his teeth, both I and my mother (also an RN) were surprised to see shiny white molars poking through his gums. He died at home at age 93. My Great Aunt Delta who Uncle Jim treated for cancer died that same year, at age 94.
On my other side of the family is my Grandma Evelyn, who outlived three generations of the homeopathic physicians who treated her.
I signed up for East West School of Planetary Herbology in May 2012, and have never had so much fun in all my life! I’ve enjoyed every single minute, and every single dalliance, never tiring of talking about the amazing healing properties of herbal formulations! Having attended the new Medicine Making and Meridian Therapy tracks at the East West Herb Seminar this Spring, I’ve been focusing on what will become lifelong practices of Qigong, and using food as medicine. These have proven to be invaluable missing pieces essential to my own personal healing. 
As a nurse-herbalist, I’ll offer my skills on the health care team to support the client taking charge of their own healing. I’ll be a bridge of communication to promote continuity of care, to combine modern advances with what is most pure and simple. I’ll assist the medical doctor to help titrate down the client’s prescription medication regimen as herbs clear underlying root imbalances. I plan to do this by providing custom-made herbal formulations that are readily adjusted, lifestyle recommendations, foot massage, reflexology, and teaching easy Qigong techniques that are specific to the client’s needs.

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