Student Mojo Hito

Congratulations to Mojohito Richerson von Tchudi, our October student of the month!

A partially homogenous life as the son of progressive academic education philosophers, with its customary international travel and bouts of expatriateship went marvelously awry when the professionally-bored young man deviated from the prescribed path of desk-job-to-pay-rent and began to engage fully in rooted-nomadic life of a somewhat serious spiritual seeker hell-bent on a naturally healthy lifestyle.

I traveled internationally, and attended the most progressive of state-run educational institutions where – devoid of intention – I lived comfortably among vegans and gender-ambiguity. Formal education was focused around the radical idea that people ought to have access to the public airwaves – community radio, theatre, animation, cinematography. Eventually, I found myself sitting at a desk job on the 21st floor of a San Francisco financial district high-rise, enduring epic bouts of telephone tech support, where I, aghast, was the supporter. It was out of desperation that I discovered qigong, yoga, kung fu, and a cleansing whole-foods diet. I stopped using the microwave.

But all this wasn’t enough. I knew that in order to break the habit of consumer capitalism, hopeless suffering, degenerative disease, and social malaise, I would need to radically change my life; divorce myself for the first time from the advertising-laden comforts of urban society.

I moved as far from anything I had previously experienced, to an intentional community and rural mystery school known as Heartwood Institute. I studied Asian Healing Arts and Whole Foods Nutrition with master Paul Pitchford, and eventually recruited as a Teaching Assistant. I entered the East West course in August 2007 as a natural extension of the comprehensive, assessment-based modalities I was now practicing in the classroom and Wellness Center.

After Heartwood’s closure in 2008 my wife Heatherlee and I joined my extended family in Chico, California, where, finally rooted, we are beginning to farm and homestead. Our immediate plans include the formation of a community healing clinic based on the principles of TCM and Ayurveda, deep nutritional healing, herbal remedies, therapeutic touch, healing movement, and the profound beauty of a mindfully simple lifestyle.

I am prolific on the web, and you can follow my day to day activities on Twitter (, befriend me on Facebook (, read articles and essays on my blog (, see my curio collection ( Also, check out our clinic Grass Roots Vitality & Herbs (, and learn more about the beautiful spiritual partnership I share with my wife Heatherlee (


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