I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and majored in Business Administration at the University of Hawaii because I felt it was a good foundation.  I worked as an accountant in the construction industry for about 20 years and then in the airline industry for about 17.  Sometime in 2015, I decided that I wanted to be around horses so I started volunteering at Pregnant Mare Rescue in Watsonville, California so I could learn as much as possible about these amazing animals.  I adopted two horses which prompted me to explore non-traditional types of nutrition and health care and apply it to them as well as for myself and my husband.

I now have a small business where my clients are primarily horses.  I apply Reiki, craniosacral therapy, bodywork, kinesiology taping, lymph drainage and now plant medicine for their health and well-being.  I love making herbal formulas for pain relief, deworming, brain, pituitary and respiratory support along with formulas for overall wellness and watch how the horses know what benefits them.  On our daily walks, my horses will seek out willow bark, pine bark, stinging nettles, dandelions (they eat the whole plant), and even eat dirt depending on what their bodies need.  It’s extremely rewarding to watch very traditional-minded horse people open up to the possibility of herbs.

I signed up for the East West course in 2018 and feel as if a whole new world has presented itself and am looking forward to exploring where this new journey will lead me. I am passionate about the well-being of all animals and want to continue to contribute to their health and welfare.  It is my hope that everyone learns to appreciate all animals and what we can learn from them.   My website thezenhorse.com is currently under construction.

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