I came to appreciate the power of herbs fairly late in life. After working as a postdoctoral researcher in cell biology for several years and then an institutional investor in private equity, venture capital and agriculture for nearly 2 decades, I found my calling as a healer. Through my  Chinese medicine, acupressure and tui na studies, I was introduced to Chinese patent formulas. Those herbs enhanced my life and my work, and I knew I had to study them more.

In 2018 I enrolled in the East West Herb Course and that summer I met Michael and Lesley through volunteering at the Free Clinic in Felton. My time there did so much more than enhance my love of herbs. I found an amazing community of practitioners and clients that touched my heart.

Restarting the clinic in late 2020 with new practitioners and new ways of connecting with our clients has been so rewarding. The lessons of the entire course have come to life through the regularity of working in the Free Clinic. The synergy of herbs, diet and lifestyle recommendations, Korean hand therapy and all of the nuggets I’ve gained from this community make a difference in people’s lives. I am grateful to Michael and Lesley for their generosity of spirit that infuses all parts of the East West family.

As I continue to work my way through the course and volunteer with the Free Clinic, I am integrating the herbal work into my healing practice as a tui na practitioner and astrologer. With all of these tools I do my best to nurture the mind, heart, and body of my clients and the world around me. Blessed be my friends!

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