Student Peggy Zih

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I went to college in Australia and lived there for eight years, earning my bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA. My career has been in I.T. thus far despite my interests, which probably have always lay somewhere else. I like tennis, piano, interior design, marketing, and travelling – I guess that’s the part of me who enjoys exploring new ideas, new concepts and getting excited with finding something new.

I had been very lucky to be growing up in a fast-paced city that has always embraced East meeting West. This means there were bottles of anti-inflammatory pills alongside Yin Qiao San sitting in our medical cabinet and to me, both of them were labelled as magic bullets back then. My journey with natural healing started with aromatherapy and with amazing results using essential oils to treat circulation related infection and muscular challenges. These inspiring experiences made me wonder about how smart or complicated human bodies are. Since then, I have looked into Bach Flower remedies, qi gong, and massage therapy until I started a natural healing program locally in 2008. All these have truly transformed my concept of health and enabled me to know myself better, both physiologically and psychologically.

I strongly believed that synergizing western herbalism and energies of TCM is where herbalism will shine. Hence, when I decided to further my herbal studies in 2011, East West Planetary Herbal program appeared as the perfect choice. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to learn and grow with this family of East West herbalists! Apart from herbal knowledge, I grew as a therapist more so as I learn from the inspiring teachers who demonstrated respect for not only medical practitioners, but fostered connections through themselves and others to a better world!

I have been in apprentice practice for some time now and I think the perfect place for my natural healing practice to land is in training and consultative family care. I think everyone of us deserves a better sense of our health and even more so support people in regaining control of our health through a combination of healthy lifestyle, self-awareness and the right natural treatment, be it herbal, structural or psychological treatments. Only when we own our destiny can we do something about it!


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