Student Rachel Hull

I grew up in Perth in Western Australia, where the countryside is very dry. As a child I did not feel connected to the earth there as I didn’t relate to it and it seemed very harsh. When I moved to the eastern side of Australia, I felt much more of a connection with the land, possibly because it was a lot greener and more sub-tropical. 

After leaving Australian 51/2 years ago, my husband and I lived in Shanghai, China for 16 months, and then moved here to Bali, Indonesia. I have one son who is 23 years old, and still living in Australia.

We contracted land here and have planted 300 types of medicinal herbs. As most of them are from Indonesia, my next challenge is to become familiar with them and learn what they are used for, and get my language skills stronger so I can seek out local herbal wisdom. We also plan to build a house on our land next year, followed by a yoga studio later.

I am a yoga teacher by profession, and run yoga trainings and retreats. Next year I am excited to organise a yoga and herbal medicine retreat here in Bali, where I am bringing over an herbalist from Australia (western and Ayurvedic). In this way I can study more as well as create an event that I am passionate about that I hope will be lots of fun. 

Ten years ago, I studied Ayurveda for two years with an Ayurvedic doctor and I really want to become a practicing herbalist.  It has been a bit challenging because I have been feeling ‘˜between countries’ and not sure where to start, but I decided to just start studying, put the plants in the ground and see where it all leads.

I officially started with East West Herb Course two years ago, but I really started working on the lessons over the past year.

Herbal medicine and making products seems to be my most enjoyable hobby right now. I also love reading and being around interesting people from all over the world.

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