I live in Perth, Western Australia with a loving husband, son and daughter-in-law, two labradors, two rabbits, two ducks and many visiting birds.  Our wonderful daughter also lives in Perth. Keisha and Noxy, our beautiful labradors, are mother and daughter. Noxy is due to give birth next month.  I am a registered home breeder and love all the cuddles with the puppies.

After our two children were born in the late 1980s, I started external studies at a university. In 1999 received a BA with a double major in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies and Australian Studies. For the next 10 years I researched and wrote reports on Aboriginal language groups which were used in the mediation of native title claims. During this time I completed a two-year yoga teaching course and started guiding yoga classes. I then moved to a more on-the-ground position with the Department of Housing, planning and negotiating the construction of homes in Aboriginal communities. I feel blessed as both of these roles were so rewarding.

When I stepped away from corporate work, I again followed my heart and enrolled in two consecutive herbalist courses with a master herbalist in Perth.  This whetted my appetite to learn more and when a friend enrolled in the East West School of Planetary Herbology in 2016, I also signed up.  I have always had a love of plants and natural healing and used them as teas, oils and remedies. Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga, so Planetary Herbology was a natural fit.

Receiving the reading materials was overwhelming and it took a long time to actually start the course! There are many new concepts and a wealth of material, taking it slowly has resulted in needing to review constantly. The online seminars and support of my friend has provided the impetus to continue with the course. I have loved the seminars, they are a great way to develop an understanding of TCM concepts, provide a face to names and to feel a sense of involvement.

I would encourage anyone who enrolls in this course to dive in and fully immerse themselves in the study and not give up. Thank you East West Lesley, Michael, Jill and the other teachers and tutors.

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