I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario, Canada. After completing a BSc and DDS at the University of Toronto, I moved west to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where I practised dentistry for several years. I then returned to school at the University of Saskatchewan and completed an MD and residency after which I became a full time ER physician. My wife who is a nurse and I moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta in the mid 1990’s by which time I had enough of the hectic existence as an ER doc and began a practice as a holistically orientated physician which entailed further education in nutrition, Western herbalism and acupuncture all of which enhanced my medical practice. As well I did some studies in Chinese herbalism finding it very fascinating. The application of what I had learned and applied to patient care made for a very rewarding life as a medical practitioner helping many people who were not well served by the standard Western medical approach.

After five decades in health care for both of us, my wife and I decided to retire in the fall of 2017. We are very active people and enjoy skiing and biking. We have four horses and spend a lot of time riding and experiencing Alberta’s magnificent scenery which is best seen from the back of a horse. After spending a life time of learning I found that I needed a new challenge and joined the East West Herb Course program in December 2019 in order to further my knowledge of TCM and related herbal options for personal and family use. I was especially attracted to the concept of applying both Eastern and Western herbs to health issues and I am very much enjoying the course and interaction with the East West staff.

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