Roger Miller

First of all, being an Earth Rat (Jan. 1949) and with Indian Summer approaching, I want to thank GOD for the harvest that I’m about to receive. Whether it be herbs, vegetables or just witnessing the FALL foliage (God’s bouquet to us). Secondly, I wish to acknowledge with honor and humility, my gratitude towards Michael, Lesley, all the educators and my fellow students for being part of this extraordinary worldwide herbal community.

My life as a sprouting herbalist came about gradually through experiences, experimentation and reading mostly Western herbal books, such as Back To Eden. Some experiences were: 1. Chewing on a birch twig at age 5, on a hot summer day, with my aunt. 2. After graduating high school, while doing missionary work near Cuzco, Peru, I was introduced to coca to alleviate altitude sickness and to suppress my appetite. 3. After joining the Ironworkers Union (which eventually gave the the opportunity to pursue my dreams of becoming a traveling herbalist( I researched that skyscrapers were designed around 1880 from the veins of plant leaves and branches. 4. During the Vietnam Era, while in the Air Force near Phoenix, Arizona, I participated as a guest in an Apache ceremony called Willow Wind with a peyote gruel being passed around.

In 1973 I had a vivid dream that cancer and diabetes could be eradicated using herbs, food, exercise, etc.. I began to read about herbs and folk remedies, while experimenting with various herbs, mushrooms, etc.., both legal and otherwise.

After going to college for Mandarin Chinese, around 1994, I was given a gift basket full of homemade herbal preparations (tinctures, salves, etc..). I was so impressed that I wanted to know more, but, it would take another 13 years before I started diligently searching for an herbal correspondence school.

In 2008, I enrolled in the East West course because of my Chinese education and the TCM approach to well-being, in conjunction with Ayurvedic and Western phytomedica. In May 2016, I traveled to China with Michael, Lesley and 27 other acupuncturists, teachers, etc. This was an experience and insight into TCM, along with friendship that is rooted in my heart.

I’m preparing to return to Beijing to have my hip repaired for 3 months, while also looking forward to graduating in the next 2 years.

In conclusion to an herbal thought: GOD used a source of higher consciousness with the sun, to formulate plant life. So, when I’m using herbs and plants I’m experiencing the reverse flow back to a higher consciousness — A Bio-Sacred event.

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