This school has been such a transformative experience. My interest in alternative medicine started with my high school boyfriend’s mom of all places. With herbs, homeopathy, and so much love she helped me tackle health problems that Western medicine seemed to only make worse. That seemingly impossible success led me on an investigation in alternative health that continues to this day.

After graduating from UCSC in Fine Arts, I worked in Santa Cruz at the Staff of Life and The Herb Room while my partner worked at the Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center as a Rolfer. And there, surrounded by naturopaths, herbalists and acupuncturists, my fate as an herbalist was sealed.  At first, I set my sights on becoming a naturopathic doctor and in 2015 began taking the prerequisite courses. I started the East West course at the same time and soon realized that I was already learning an entire healing system in its own right — I didn’t need to become a doctor. I am continually fascinated and humbled by how extensive the East West course is and the endlessly useful set of tools and resources I now have at my disposal.

For work my time is divided between selling oil paintings, graphic design, and herbal consultations and tincture making. My goal is to complete this course on time with the advanced track in spring 2019 and continue with clinic time, working towards EWCH and RH credentials and eventually homeopathic schooling. After growing a hearty practice with my partner, I hope to create or participate in a farm that grows herbs and serves as a resource for the community.

When I’m not practicing herbalism or other work related ventures, I enjoy dancing, rock climbing, backpacking, and spending time with my little family. My favorite way to wind down from a busy day is to make some herbal tea with my 2 year old, who’s becoming quite an adept tongue reader.

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