Student Suzanne Robertson

I was born in Winnemucca, Nevada, to young parents. For many years I lived with my grandparents in a wonderful country home. My grandmother was a farm girl so she baked, canned, sewed, embroidered and crocheted. I was lucky to learn these at a young age. My grandfather was Italian and he grew the biggest red onions and tomatoes that I still haven’t seen equaled. In the summer I would hike up the mountain, barefoot and carefree, even becoming lost at times but always finding my way home. (I would never let my children or grandchildren do that today!)

As I grew up and then had children of my own, I carried all these memories and crafts I had learned with me though they slowly became lost with life and kids and work. I had five children and 21 grandchildren by the time I found my way to Pacific Botanicals where I have worked for five years now. Here is where I started on my path to learning about herbs and ended up learning more about myself. I have taken Paul Bergner’s distance learning class and attended the great weekend seminars at Sheryl Tilgner’s farm and Herb Pharm. When I decided to take a course to become a herbalist I chose East West after looking at many other courses. This also led me to Lesley Tierra’s Radiance Quest that has been the springboard to finding my strengths and overcoming my weaknesses.

Last year I decided to start my own business making student herb kits and starting a website. There have been many starts and stops but plan to have all together in February. I would like to eventually expand to other schools creating different kits for their needs.

My greatest wish is to bring the wonderful world of herbs and a greater self-understanding to my family and others and becoming the most wonderful grandmother to a whole new generation of little herbies.

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