My journey with plants began in grade school after learning about the importance of trees.  As a result I planted a tree annually on Arbor Day.  By the time I left home in my early 20’s, to move to Boston, we had a small orchard on our suburban plot in northern Ohio.  I started college as computer engineering major.  After switching majors a few times in search of my true passion, I moved to Boston.  It was at this time that I became interested in food and diet.  I enrolled in the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts certification program and found a home.  Upon graduation, baking and pastry arts became my niche.  I started teaching and assisting at the school and meeting and assisting Julia Child was a highlight during my time there. Tired of city life, traffic and limited outdoor space, I moved to Cape Cod to open a bakery. It was during this time that I developed a health issue that was ultimately resolved with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and shiatsu.  It was time to look at my diet and lifestyle and make some changes.  I put the bakery on the market and enrolled in a certification program at the Acupressure Institute to study acupressure and shiatsu. I became certified and licensed in 2002 and have had a private practice since then.  My practice continues to evolve as my studies and personal healing journey continues.  I have since added certifications in massage therapy, therapeutic breathwork and sound healing.  I decided to pursue study in herbal medicine to further benefit client health and enrolled in the East West program a few years ago.  I presently own and operate Eastham Healing Arts with my husband, Ken Fishman.  Our mission is to support health and healing through various modalities. Our offerings include: yoga, meditation, therapeutic breathwork, various types of massage and energy bodywork, sound healing, and healthy cooking courses. I look forward to including herbal medicine consultation.

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