Dear Michael A little note to say “thank you” for the wonderful new life you have led me to.Last year I was under treatment for severe rheumatoid arthritis, the pain was constant. Most of the time I could hardly walk, couldn’t use my hands, I was 30 pounds overweight for years. I was given numerous drugs all with very dangerous side effects, the result seemed to be a progressive and deepening depression and feeling I just wanted to die. I am a very rigid and conservative Christian and had really been praying for a healing or to be led to someone who could help me. One day a friend I came to see me and mentioned your book “The Way of Herbs”. I read it and was very impressed. I then called and made an appointment. I had to wait 2 weeks. The same morning had the appointment with you, I got a biopsy report telling me it I had cancer. The medical doctor had me all set up for various treatments. I was in a state of shock. I left his office and went directly to your office. You talked to me about diet, attitudes and things no medical doctor ever bothered to mention. At that point, I really feel the Lord spoke to me and I made the decision to abandon all conventional medical treatment and go for what you suggested. That was the beginning of many miracles in may my life. I immediately started with the herbs, weekly acupuncture and the macrobiotic diet. The first miracle was that within a week, the arthritis was much better. In 5 months it was gone plus 70 pounds of fat. As far as I know, the cancer is gone too. The most important changes are those within,, as my body healed so my spirit . I will never be the same (Thank God!). I have not arrived nor will I ever these changes and new things come to me every day this is a lifetime Journey, not a final destination nor place I will over arrive at. My work with the Lord is closer than ever and you, Michael are the channel that he chose to reveal some of the changes I had to make. During the early days of treatment, many times I was discouraged and fearful, in those times you gave me the gentle guidance I needed and when necessary you let we know that I am responsible to study and do what I need to help my body heal. I really don’t have the words to express the gratitude I feel. Thank you Michael for showing me the way. I feel and look better than I have in 30 years. With much love, R. Joan Morris (Santa Cruz, Calif., 1983)