I am a practicing herbalist and Polarity Therapist with an office and a pharmacy and regular clients. The main reason clients some to see me, is as an herbalist. The herb course has been the main training. Though I am continuing the studying on a nearly daily basis, the Chinese Diagnostic Model remains the model I use in my practice. The East West training has been invaluable and thorough. I have experience this in my continued study of Chinese herbal medicine. I have found I can read, understand and make use of just about any of the books or articles I have come across, may they be from Maciocia, Bob Flaws, Subhuti Darmananda, older texts, as well as the many other articles from varying sources in print and used by TCM practitioners. Though I suspect that it depends on how much a student puts into the course study, since it is a self study course. What you put in is what you get out. I believe the seminars are a must, as are the online classes. Though I haven’t participate in a formal mentorship program as of yet, I do have people I dialog with on a regular basis, both in Chinese medicine and Western herbal medicine. I find this dialog invaluable, not only to a particular case, but also in furthering my understanding of the often very complex issues clients find themselves with.