I completed my 36 lesson course the same year I graduated from the International College of TCM, Vancouver, BC. Herbs are a big body of knowledge, and really appreciated all the work Michael has put forth with his book Plantary Herbology, and the classifications. I started with the East west course and found it such a big body of knowledge, I was happy to be accepted into the college at Vancouver. I thought it would make it easier to remember.. I’m not as young as I was 20 years ago.. In fact I started all of these studies after I passed the age of 50.. (Don’t ever get in the way of a woman going thru menopause!!) When I saw the success that was possible with my living laboratory. ..(My husband) and herbs, my journey started on the route I find myself. The East West Course was a major stepping stone for me and saying Thank you is totally inadequate.

Camellia Pratt, D.TCM (Doctor of TCM from International College of TCM, Vancouver); R.Ac, Certified Iridoligist; Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. Graduated from the East West Herb Course 1998 doc.cam.pratt@yt.sympatico.ca