Dear Michael and Lesley, I don’t expect you to remember me these days, but I began my studies with you in 1984 and loved your course. I got as far as the completion of the certificate level. Then, deciding I wanted to make it my career, I had to take on a new course in Australia with a diploma recognized here. Although recognized, courses here are no where near the content or enjoyment your course provides. I had to tell you that. After all these years I have gone back to your lessons and am loving them all over again. I’ve done many courses in-between, but always return to yours. Is is so interesting, with information from experienced souls such as yourselves. I had to thank you so much for be my first teachers and my best. With the changes in the world and in our lives today, I’m happy to have you as my teachers and look forward to being part of your course again. Thank you for being a part of my life.