I am presently in private clinical practice (office in my home). My main therapy modality is botanical medicines, and the East West Course has been foundational in developing my ability to use Chinese (and some Ayurvedic) herbs in my practice. Also, the assessment techniques (Oriental Diagnosis) have also broadened my scope of perception and observation relative to understanding and treating the health/illness concerns of my patients. I believe that the East West Herb Course has played a significant role on rounding out my abilities as both a healer and an herbal medicine practitioner. I am currently completing the case study requirement for Lesson 33. I also had the good fortune to spend a week with Michael and Lesley during one of their annual seminars in California, which left me with many pleasant and indelible memories (and lots of useful knowledge). As I have introduced more of Chinese/Ayurvedic herbs/philosophies into my practice, it has become apparent that people are really intrigued by the perspectives and approaches of these two forms of traditional medicine. I can’t tell how many times I have heard “Oooos”, Ahhhs” and “Wows” after doing a history intake on someone and follow that with a tongue diagnosis that almost invariably reveals many of the things that were discussed in the patients history.

Howard Silvestre, Registered Herbalist AHG, CCCH, AP hbsilvestre@powercom.net