A recent graduate, who lived in Mexico at the time of enrollment sends us the following letters: This course has been just the right thing for me to be doing with this part of my life. It was a bit challenging to make medicines in Mexico where availability of good quality herbs was very limited, but in some ways that forced me to be creative and really start looking at the energetics of the herbs very early in the course. I entered into this study with the idea that I didn’t have to “do” anything with it once I completed it. It was my way of allowing that it might be simply something that I did just for myself. To stretch my mind, to get healthier, to have something to do. The course brought me very gently through the learning process, and took me from knowing very little to feeling like I know a piece of something very big. My interest and aptitude have developed with this study to the extent that I am considering enrolling in acupuncture school. And that to the extent that I am visiting schools this month, with the idea that I will possibly apply to attend in the Fall. Whenever I hold up this possible path next to other possible paths for my future, this is the one with juice in it for me. I want to thank you for this. I had hoped to find something to give an excited focus to my life, and this has done that. It took a lot of self-discipline to get all the way to this point, and yet because of my deal with myself at the beginning, I never felt a huge pressure. I did it because I was drawn to the knowledge. That feels really right. And the idea of taking it further to a point where I could support myself with it feels like Right Livelihood. So thank you for your part in all of that. Jane Sipe, New Mexico