Michael Tierra was my mentor for approximately 1.5 years outside of my course studies, through 400 patient hours of clinical practice. This was an extremely rewarding piece of my education, and one I highly recommend for students who are serious about becoming good practitioners of herbal medicine. I feel the mentoring boosted my knowledge and confidence, and brought together “loose ends” in my training. It gave me the discipline needed to keep good files on my clients and to move in a logical progression using Traditional Chinese Medicine methodology. I presently see approximately 20 people per month for both herbal consults and massage work. Without the course, I doubt I would have had the confidence in my abilities to go out and open an office on my own. What drew me to East – West was the uniqueness of the course. It is comprehensive and includes Chinese, Ayurvedic and western herbs and principles. I had already learned much TCM theory, and had some knowledge of western herbs, but this course brought together all the loose ends of my learning and solidified my commitment to helping people by means of botanical medicines. As a mother and a woman who spends her time in a bustling variety of work-related activities, I especially looked forward each year to the week-long seminar held deep in the Redwood forest. It was a magical and restful time for me, even though it was challenging for my mind. The comraderie between the herbalists, the patience and sensitivity of the teachers, great food and serene surroundings are all blessings I still hold dear and will never forget. May my words enhance an already exceptional program.

Jill Ruttenberg, practicing clinical herbalist, a massage therapist certified in Shiatsu and Swedish massage, a freelance writer and yoga instructor. Graduated from East West School of Herbology in 2000. rembox@aol.com