I’ve briefly mentioned this to Michael, but it bears repeating:  what you and Michael have accomplished with the school and your books in the world of herbal medicine is seminal.  Overtime I’ve come to realize that the comprehensive, in depth traditional healing concepts and techniques provided by the East West School is somewhat rare in the new paradigm of herbal medicine teachings.  In some instances herbs are used as drugs, ie use this for that.  The term formulation is used without much understanding of how and why.  So much of what’s offered out there is bits and pieces of this and that without the whole being the sum of its parts.  I see this at seminars where new natural products and “protocols” are bottled and promoted in an attempt to profit from the burgeoning health care market.  Quite honestly, I don’t think I could help people with that type of understanding.  It’s the root, branch and whole person rhythm that works.  The little that I can accomplish in the total scheme of things is because of what I’ve learned from both of you.  This has been a real highlight in my life.