I am a professional clinical herbalist, who has recently founded my own herbal clinic and herb pharmacy. It is called Four Winds Natural Healing Center and Herbal Dispensary. I do traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, European, Eclectic, Native American, and Western herbalism. I also incorporate some Kanpo and rainforest based practices. I have a full on site Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic herbal pharmacy. Most all the western herb I hand harvest in the wild and make into medicine by hand. I also practice clinical nutrition and traditional Chinese food therapy. I also do some accessory Chinese and Native American healing practices such as tuina, moxa, auricular therapy, pipe ceremonies, etc. I am also in the process of starting an herb school for the general public and a separate program for training health care practitioners. I feel the East West Herb Course has provided me an EXCELLENT foundation and has fostered deep, deep understanding of herbalism. After exploring every herbal studies program, I feel the East West School is simply the best for people who are looking to learn Planetary Herbology. It is the only school to adequately train people in all the world’s herbal traditions. There is a magical, alchemical process that takes place where you begin to embody the confidence, knowledge, and true understanding of herbal medicine. It should be strongly noted that the East West Course attracts some of the most creative, innovative, and brilliant minds in the nation. The course work itself is sheer brilliance and elegance. Michael has shown the way to integrate all the world’s healing systems, while retaining their uniqueness also. It is a belief I was pursing my whole life, but Michael guided me to putting all the pieces together. It is with great pride that I worked 3 years through the course. All the while is was as though Michael and Lesley are standing over your shoulder, grooming you, and guiding you ever so subtly. For me, there was some kind of really special spiritual presence connected with the course. The credibility of graduating from the program also has great respect nation wide. I have not walked into a health food store or met an herbalist who wasn’t familiar with Michael Tierra. It adds a great deal of credibility when people find out you have studied with him in California. Also, the East West Seminars are completely and absolutely AMAZING. Each year I have attended, it only gets better. I have formed life long friendships with fellow students each year. Many of us are now reflecting on our wonderful transformations after calling each other “colleagues”. I assure you, you will never meet a more extraordinary group than those guided to the seminars each year. The class work itself is intense, and takes months to completely absorb. Then there is the food, amazing. The atmosphere fosters healing, nurturing, learning, and friendships as the giant redwoods open up to share and guide your experiences. Lets not forget about the school staff itself, which is amazing. Michael, one of the torch bearers of herbal medicine who has led America out of its herbal dark ages into the new herbal renaissance. His insight, truthfulness, and inspired writing is unparalleled in herbalism. Lesley is a shining ray of light and hope who spreads her herbal knowledge with all who ask. A powerful medicine women herself. Jill, the school secretary, is a true angel who is pure delight to talk to and converse with (on the phone or in person). Michael and Lesley’s apprentices are uniquely diverse, inspirational, and extremely knowledgable. The herb school prepared me to become a full fledged practicing professional herbalist. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is self motivated and wants to truly understand the lost art of herbalism. Take advantage of the weekly chat rooms with Susan Kramer, she is an excellent herbalist. Attend all the East West Seminars, they will change your life and create a world wide network of herbal friends. Remember that anything is whatever you make of it. If you passionately pursue the coursework, you are far ahead of students who enroll in other on site alternative medicine programs but lack the heart and passion for herbs. Put all your heart and soul into your homework! Students need to remember that they can ask any questions when they mail in their homework. Take advantage of the opportunity! My lifelong visions are now being realized, as my herbal practice is up and running.

Nicholas Schnell, Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, RD, LMNT. Founder of Four Winds Natural Healing Center and Herbal Dispensary. Graduate of the East West Course June 2002. spiritbear4@msn.com