The following letter was included with a student’s submission of Lessons 31 to 35 of the East West Course in December 2000: I didn’t realize how long it had been since last submitting a lesson. In December of 1997, I submitted Lesson 30. Wow, thanks for your patience! So much has been learned in that time and I know it will not all be readily reflected here in these last lessons. Much of this wait time was due to obtaining experience with the case studies needed in Lesson 33. In August 1999, I asked Dr. Tierra at the AHG Symposium if I was the longest standing enrollee. He assured me there were others also on the trail. I am really looking forward to receiving a Certificate of Completion for this course and continuing with education. I am enrolling in a course with The Institute for Educational Therapy in Cotati, California to increase my knowledge in the nutritional field. In the period since I last submitted a lesson I have been integrating what I have learned in this course. In addition to working full time in an Insurance agency, I have attended workshops and seminars related to herbal studies. I have really benefited by the audio tapes available from the symposiums, (I travel 40 minutes to work each day). I purchased the IBIS software in 1999 and have been using it for patient records and research. In addition to being registered with the state of PA for resale of herbs and related products, I have just started contributing health related articles to a new quarterly publication distributed locally. I of course enjoy the availability of the Planet Herbs forum and contributions by Bentley and reading pieces like The War on Herbs. The search for new and interesting information breaking in the health field is continuous. I just recently purchased a book from the book review list, The Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis. This is a cool tool, which I am looking forward to having the opportunity to use with patients. I am very encouraged when I look to my future in connection with the health field. This course and the additional books and courses which it has led me to, has given me a solid foundation from which to grow. The elements of energetics, and planetary approach to using the best of all systems offered has been of the utmost importance. I look forward to weaving these principles into all that I continue to learn. Thank you for the opportunity to be a recipient in the sharing of the knowledge and wisdom that this course has had to offer. Sincerely, Patricia Cornish, Bushkill, PA