Graduate of the East West Herb Course 1981 and also apprenticed with Michael (3 years in clinic) including one day weekly for two years with Lesley. The East-West Program broadened my perception of herbal healing and how I view clients, health and disease processes. It took me out of the realm of practicing West Herbal Allopathic medicine into what I believe is a complete system of herbal healing. The direct clinical work gave me the experience of working with clients in a more formal manner and an effective mechanism for providing follow up care. Everything I do with herbal medicine which has included writing articles and books, teaching, researching, working with industry, and herbal politicking has been based on the desire to what is best for the client; what information do they need to know in order to use herbs both safely and effectively? How do we insure the quality of the herbal products that are available? What types of regulations or standards are needed to bring herbal medicine to the forefront of American health care? What kind of educational standards are needed for professional medical herbalists? When contemplating such issues we need to remain cognizant of how this will ultimately benefit the client and step beyond our own personal beliefs to do what is best for them. Having direct clinical experience allows you to do this.

Roy Upton, Planetary Formulas General Manager (additional bio information is posted on our bulletin board).