Advanced Track Online Seminar returns in 2023


Advanced Track Online Seminar returns in 2023

Advanced Track: This LIVE event has ended and is not available for purchase. Our next Advanced Track will be offered in 2023.

This track is for students who have completed the Foundation and Intermediate Tracks of the seminar, completed Lessons 1-36 of the East West Herb Course, submitted their 3 cases for Lesson 33 and successfully passed them. Required reading: Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol. I & II, Planetary Herbology and Healing with the Herbs of Life.

Live-Streaming Classes: (You MUST attend all live classes from Saturday, 4/24/2021 thru Friday, 4/30/2021)

  • Anti-Aging, Longevity and Herbs for Elderly Conditions with Michael Tierra
  • Differential Herbal Treatment of Depression and Anxiety with David Winston
  • Synergy: The Key to Effective Herbal Practice with David Winston
  • Launching your herbal practice with Nancy Angelini
  • Ten case studies classes with eight different practitioners; some with live clients
  • All about cases: assessment, treatment strategies, write-up, fast and efficient, and other tips

On-demand Webinars: (8 hours, 40 minutes total):

  • Advanced Tongue (1 hour 22 minutes)
  • Advanced Pulse Diagnosis (1 hour, 43 minutes)
  • Abdominal diagnosis (1 hour)
  • Herb Walk: (2 videos with Michael & Lesley Tierra, 12 minutes total)
  • Korean Hand Therapy (52 minutes)
  • Auricular Therapy (1 hour, 38 minutes)
  • Dui Yao (1 hour, 54 minutes)

(Note: Many of these may already have been taken. If so, no more are required.)

Seminar Credit Available: In order to receive credit for the Advanced Track online seminar, students must watch all classes – live-streaming classes, on-demand webinars, and complete the testing material. Satisfactory completion of the testing material satisfies the third of the three seminars required for the E.W.C.H.




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