East West Herbal Seminar – Setting Up an Herbal Practice


East West Herbal Seminar – Setting Up an Herbal Practice


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(3-Audio CD set) Recording of the Setting Up an Herbal Practice class taught by Susan Kramer, PhD, RH (AHG) at the 2009 East West Herbal Seminar (Intermediate Level)

Susan Kramer: Ph.D.(Duke University), Registered Herbalist (RH-AHG), Esq.(Admitted to State Bars of GA & CA), East West Certified Herbalist, Reflexology Certification – Hands, Feet and Ears (American Academy for Reflexology), D.A. Hom. (American Academy for Clinical Homeopathy), Aromatherapy Certification- Medicinal (Zollinger Method), ND (Alabama)

Susan W. Kramer is a Therapeutic Herbalist in private practice in Atlanta, GA. She relies upon Traditional Chinese medicine as her primary analytic tool and uses both western and Chinese herbs in her personally crafted tincture formulas. She often combines herbal therapy with homeopathics, flower essences, essential oils and reflexology. She attributes the high success rate of her work, to her holistic (physical, mental, psycho-spiritual) approach incorporating classical Chinese formulas that are customized for the individual.


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