Enroll in the Family Herbalist Course


Enroll in the Family Herbalist Course

The Family Herbalist Course is a personal enrichment course, which includes material from the Professional Course, but does not offer tutor marking for the lesson material.

The Family Herbalist Course consists of twelve lessons, the book Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health by Rosemary Gladstar, a study guide with articles and teachings by Dr. Michael Tierra, and the following which provide the materia medica basis for the course


This is a 12-lesson distance learning course suitable for the beginning student interested in herbal medicine; those interested in herbal medicine for the general health of one’s family; someone who sells, grows or manufactures herbal and health products; and anyone desiring to pursue a theoretical basis in the principles of East West energetics for herbs, diseases and foods.

Testing material is included in the workbook along with a key for self-correction. If you would like to have your work reviewed by East West School it is best to enroll directly into the Professional Course instead and you can start with the first 12 Lessons and then proceed to the rest of the course as desired.


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