Herbal Tarot Deck & Spirit of Herbs Companion Book – Set


Herbal Tarot Deck & Spirit of Herbs Companion Book – Set

The Herbal Tarot Deck with companion book, Spirit of Herbs. Set co-authored by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin. The Spirit of Herbs book is now back in print and provides informative and invaluable descriptions for the cards. Book and deck also sold separately.

The Herbal Tarot Deck, created by Michael Tierra and designed by Candis Cantin, integrates the healing properties of traditional herbs with the symbolism of tarot. A different herb is identified and illustrated on each card.

The Spirit of Herbs: A Guide to the Herbal Tarot: This fascinating and complete guide to the Herbal Tarot will teach you:

  • spiritual properties of each herb featured in the deck
  • how to tap the medicial properties of herbs
  • how to use herbs and tarot cards as talismans
  • the tarot symbolism of herbs
  • how to use the Herbal Tarot for readings on spiritual and health issues
  • meditation techniques using the cards


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