HerbTV Basic Concepts DVD Collection


HerbTV Basic Concepts DVD Collection

This DVD  collection from HerbTV includes Planetary Herbology with Michael Tierra, Five Element Theory, Foundation Theory and Eight Principles, Differential Diagnosis Part I, and Differential Diagnosis Part II.

If these DVDs were purchased separately you would pay $160. By purchasing the the HerbTV Basic Concepts DVD Collection, you save over $30.

  •   Planetary Herbology DVD with Michael Tierra: In this DVD  Michael discusses the origins of Planetary Herbology and takes you on an herb walk through his extensive gardens. Herbs discussed include peony, celandine, motherwort, skullcap, comfrey, he shou wu, albizia, honeysuckle, mulberry, dong quai and more.
  • Five Element Theory: Herbalist Miles Coleman teaches about the Chinese Five Element Theory. Elements covered include Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. All elements are profiled as to Body Profile, Mental Profile, TCM function of corresponding organ system and problems each element is subject to. Also Western disease correlations and how to balance the patient.
  • Foundation Theory and Eight Principles: Lesley Tierra, acupuncturist, herbalist and co-founder of the East West School of Herbology teaches about Chinese foundation theory and the eight principles of Chinese medicine. Topics covered include Chi, Blood, Fluids, Essence, Shen, Yin and Yang, Heat, Cold, Dryness, Dampness, and the Eight Principles.
  • Differential Diagnosis Part I and Differential Diagnosis Part II: Differential Diagnosis with Lesley Tierra. In this series of DVDs herbalist Lesley Tierra, acupuncturist, author and co-founder of the East West School of Planetary Herbology, teaches about differential diagnosis using the TCM approach.


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