HerbTV Differential Diagnosis DVD, Part II


HerbTV Differential Diagnosis DVD, Part II

Differential Diagnosis with Lesley Tierra. In this series of DVDs herbalist Lesley Tierra, acupuncturist, author and co-founder of the East West School of Planetary Herbology, teaches about differential diagnosis using the TCM approach.

In Diferential Diagnosis II Lesley discusses the kidneys, small intestines, stomach, large intestine, gall bladder and urinary bladder including such patterns as deficient kidney yang, excessive heat in small intestine, food stagnation, general coldness of large intestine, damp heat in gall bladder, and damp cold in urinary bladder.

In the second part of this 2 DVD set, she leads the class in diagnosing two cases with questions, tongue and pulse diagnosis, determining treatment strategy and making herbal treatment choices.

Produced by David La Luzerne
Time: 2hr 23min


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