HerbTV Planetary Herbology DVD with Michael Tierra


HerbTV Planetary Herbology DVD with Michael Tierra

Dr. Michael Tierra, L.Ac., RH AHG, is the author of the book Planetary Herbology. He is one of this country's most respected herbalists, a practitioner and teacher who has taught and lectured widely. His eclectic background studies in American Indian herbalism, the herbal system of Dr. John Christopher, and traditional oriental systems of India and China contribute a special richness to his teaching and writing.

In this DVD  Michael discusses the origins of Planetary Herbology and takes you on an herb walk through his extensive gardens. Herbs discussed include peony, celandine, motherwort, skullcap, comfrey, he shou wu, albisia, honeysuckle, mulberry, dong quai and more. DVD

Produced by David La Luzerne
Time: 1hr 48min 17sec



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